Petroleum Markets

GuruDM is pleased to offer high-quality, high endurance LED Gas Price Units. Built to the toughest military specifications, these signs are gurantee to be worry free. Independent testing by Garwood Laboratories proves that GuruDM products are designed to last.


Industry leading gas station upgrades for startups or rebranding. Let us help you renovate your gas station. Giving your gas station a new image will attract more customers.

Gas Price Units

We want to ensure your gas price unit (GPU) sign works perfectly for your needs. We proudly provide various GPU series and models with different numeral fonts, sizes and designs to accommodate all your needs. Custom sizes and fonts are also available.

LED Signage

No matter what industry you’re in, an LED sign will give you the best results. The visual impact of led signs will capture the eye of potential customers and make a lasting impression. LED signs will highlight your sales, specials, or promotions that encourage people to stop into your businesses. LED signs give your business the ability to update messages as often as you’d like.